Betsy Treinen

Brand Strategist/Owner

Betsy was on the rocket ship of the best retail story of the 20th Century: Target. For 8 years, Betsy managed Target as Account Service Director at PMH. She led their brand strategy, designer strategy, celebrity & music partnerships, licensing & vendor strategies.  After that, she founded Good People Branding to take on the world of intense, integrated consumer engagement. 


Joan Hanson 

Strategist/Insights Director

Joan has deep retail experience after 17 years as Marketing Director at Target, where she was a critical player in its ascension to a world class brand. She slices and dices data and analytics, then distills just the right kernels to drive sales and build loyalty. A true guru for home decor, electronics, entertainment, toys, sporting goods, grocery, and health & beauty brands.


Amie Valentine

Creative Director/Writer

Amie’s about as big thinking as they come. She operates the New York hub of Good People Branding with resources that range from rock star caliber directors to up-and-coming composers. She’s helmed humungous accounts that bill over $500 million and she’s built new brands from scratch: hands on, pencil sharp.

Heather Thornswood

Creative/Art Director

You know how most Art Directors just want to make things pretty and barely give lip service to strategy? Well, Heather’s a brilliant exception to the rule. Her aesthetic is guided by business objectives, not superfluous fonts and frills. She’s fluent in everything from plan-o-grams and in-store signage, to branded content and social engagement. Her work is beautiful. And her work WORKS.


We're a collaborative.


We pull from a network of strategists, creatives, and secret weapons near and far… 

The trend guy with a sixth sense for the zeitgeist. The merchandising maven who negotiated dozens of designer capsules. Truly glorious graphic designers. Caffeinated code writers. And other good people. 

What you get is all A-team, customized for you.

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